The Christian Louboutin Manicure Experience

Tenoverten, the New York City nail salon chain with outposts in Los Angeles and Austin, is known for its upscale services and clientele — and it’s about to get even fancier. On Wednesday, Christian Louboutin announced that it will be partnering with the salon to offer branded services and the entire cheap Christian Louboutin Nail Colour line.

Cheap Christian Louboutin, He of Aspirational Red Soled Creations, launched his first foray into color cosmetics — arguably weapon-like stiletto-capped nail polishes that retail for $50 a pop — back in 2014. The company’s partnership with Tenoverten marks the first time that the full range of shades will be available in a salon.

This isn’t the first collaboration for Tenoverten; the brand has previously teamed up with J.Crew, STRIIIKE and Taryn Toomey. What sets the Christian Louboutin partnership apart from these past projects, however, is that the initiative doesn’t involve a Tenoverten-produced product line, but rather draws on existing polishes from the Louboutin brand.

In addition to carrying the polish range, Tenoverten will offer “The Christian Louboutin Manicure Experience” and “The Christian Louboutin Pedicure Experience,” both of which incorporate Christian Louboutin outlet Perfume Oil into a specialized massage and treatment process. Though the price point for each of these services skews higher than Tenoverten’s typical rates ($45 for the manicure as opposed to a usual $25; $60 for the pedicure as opposed to a usual $40), the Louboutin versions include luxurious treatment add-ons (the oil, a five-minute shoulder massage) as well as a deluxe sample of the client’s choice of perfume oil to take home.